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by Armond WakeUp

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released February 1, 2011



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Armond WakeUp Columbus, Ohio

Love. Honesty. Mistakes. Redemption.

Change. Challenges. Adjustments.

Never living with my eyes closed. This Is Kairos.

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Track Name: Road To Flavor Fest Freestyle
yeah...dreams money can't purchase
your billions can't touch the surface
immersed in
me & my characteristics playing inertia
they ask if i'll last, i tell em look at the first one
...so don't raise your drinks to wicked me
...i was victor ortiz to my enemies
i was a victim or a tease to these mini mes
mad they was stealing the feelings God was given me
see...i was suffering from anxiety
shaking in my bed, begging the devil to lie to me
couldn't be convinced God needed me, in spite of me
& so i stood idoly
with a fire that dried the sea
...Christ decided to ignite my insight
& honor me w/ harsh realities of what's inside of me
....now what?
felt a loud rush
regulators, mount up
the more i started rapping, the bigger was the picture
the flow & these syllables i was spittin wasn't sick enough
...matter fact i was sick of my position
phil in groundhog day, was difficult to get up
until i realized i was spitting for my spirit
feeding my lil ego, difficult to admit it
& so i played God, you could feel it in my lyrics
til i confronted me w/ these invisible gorillas
...what up wit, what up dre
it's all love, that's enough to say
im a silly dude, trapped in these frilly moods
traded in claire huxtable for nikki tru
...cuz when i go to these clubs & perform
i'm the man on the mic, but a stranger in my home
it's strange that i'm alone, it's funny who i run into
cuz i coulda took shorty home if i wanted to
coulda took her home for the okey doke
...she's rich...so i'ma go for broke
she activated the thirst, i'ma row the boat
she asked me if i was single & i told her no
cuz the only one i wanna give my all
whenever i get tempted, she's the 1st one i call
but cuz i did her wrong
i feel like i gotta tell her everytime i choose her
but then i think i'ma flaunting it
...so appaled....no kanye, jay or wild church
no outbursts
...no dissing my brothers & sisters
& when they call me out, i play victim & sound hurt
they try to tell me that i rap in my prime
so i'ma hand em my pride
sweep up the damage inside
all these hannibals & cannibals that stand to my side
i tell em fly, peacock until you land in my life
im hype
Track Name: Chevy Impala Music II featuring J Carter
Breakdown of the lyrics here:

Track Name: Q&A (my daughter on the intro & outro)
don't mind me y'all...i'm seeking God
devil getting time & a half slaving his steve jobs
eve ate the apple, pastor blasting from my ipod
netflix'd the mack & asked myself am i wrong?
am i off? am i getting brash?
running a race to find nice guys finish last
...wear my heart on my sleeve, nothing inside
medium tee, skinny jeans, got nothing to hide
...i wanna feel love, im ducking my pride
...i just wanna be & i'm stuck in my hive
word to bethley, don't see no one ahead of me
but pharisees telling me that i scare em
they don't dare to think
...if you saw what i see, you'd be scared to blink
shorty got me thirsting for her, she prepared the drink
i'm a monster, a danger to to my neighbors
God still invites me into his manger
but i'm scared of me

they say the devil's dumb
...i say huh?
if the devil's dumb...what does that make us?
cuz he got us all bonded up
bottled up
sold at the bodega for a profit
w/ a side of punch
...chase the liquor
with our dated issues
beauty is skin deep
then why do i hate what's in you
...i got a lotta questions for my Christ
will he be mad if i ask him
will he answer em in time?
will he answer em in rhyme?
answer em in riddle?
life showed me the difference between cancer & a pimple
is he, even pleased w/ how i handled all these issues
i think of that day when scooter handed me his pistol
had the opportunity to kill a man & i said nah
...wonder if he judged me as he sped off
now he's in jail...& i'm in prison
we both behind bars...but mines is mental
Track Name: I'm On One Freestyle
Great news
Me & my son's mother speaking
Had a conversation w/o screaming the other weekend
My baby kicked me off the phone cuz he saw Justin Bieber
So now i'm saving up my pennies, just to come & see em
I need em, I got em
I see em, they plotting
They bleeding, I peeped em
I'm seeking, the promise
You speaking, that nonsense
So my retort is needed
My sword is weakness, my foes are defeated
Lord you see this?
It's funny...
...I feel like Spongebob w/ the fake arms
But still somehow there's napalm
that'll spray crowds, won't take long
It seems when trouble comes, You appear quicker than State Farm
& when i wanna scream, I stay calm
& for that alone I'll wait for em
Til then, I'll wake up early & listen to Hathaway
Someday We'll All Be Free, most don't believe it, its sad to say
...I see the light at the end of the tunnel
& a bunch of ppl running cuz the world ending on Saturday...right?
...watch 2012 be super peaceful
Opportunity knocks, too scared to use the peephole
I'm posed to trust God
Its hard to have the patience
So while i'm waiting...i'm letting Satan use my ego
Cut a side deal...don't consider the backlash
Til my will dissapears quicker than Kat Stacks
...It's a lie when they admit they stumble
While you walking, nobody intends to slip on purpose
Thats why i go by my government when i'm speaking verses
Cuz when i sin against God, it's usually pre-determined
& i don't want no excuses while i repent
i got caught up in the moment
i aint know that's how it'd end
heh...nah...but a lot of y'all won't say it tho
evil plays w/ our heads, call it fellatio
whoa........y'all call it speaking nonsense
that won't reach the toddlers
i'm just being honest
...but i'd rather catch myself before you catch it for me
i separate from my flesh, but still pay it alimony
cleaning my weapon, preparing for war, y'all run for cover
...house yourself if you scared cuz it's a Jungle Brother
i'm curious...i'm convinced something's up
when you won't talk to a person cuz they not one of us
what? but then bang a gavel like i'm wrong
cuz i got rick ross
on my ipod
thats right? wrong...
see i was taught to clean my house first
things you've heard of...i've allowed worse
So no no no do not say that we the same
See the church is in my heart & you treat it like a gang
Nah you treat it like a game
so for me, that's a must win
Accept me w/ open arms just so I can get jumped in
They say he sound bitter
I say you come off arrogant
But if those the Chucks I fit in then ill wear em
who scared of
the big bad wolf & his ideals?
Give your heart to the Lord
Ill settle for your ears
Put the pedal to the medal, see the devil in the rear
That's why objects are closer than they appear
you clear? I'm here