Miscellaneous Tracks 2010

by Armond WakeUp


Armond WakeUp Columbus, Ohio

Love. Honesty. Mistakes. Redemption.

Change. Challenges. Adjustments.

Never living with my eyes closed. This Is Kairos.

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Track Name: Can't Be Friends (Remix) feat Trey Songz
What was I thinking?
Wait, I'm lying
Knew what was on my mind
When I saw you in that light
My homie & my friend
Add the lover in the middle
Kinda buggin I was with you
Though was only for a minute
You told me you wouldn't bend
We could still be cool
Then you switched, things were different
Now I'm lonely, can't pretend
Now look what she did
I'm chillin in the crib
Playing r&b records
That's depressing, I'm pathetic
Tried to throw up my shield
It is what it is
I felt my feelings piercing through the armor & I let it
Wanted to say forget it
Called you like "what's ha'nin
come thru, I got that new Madden"
Normally you would've been excited
Instead, said you was busy writing
Saw you logged on Skype, participating
"Oh, you can't call me?" Now I'm irritated
Now I'm wondering who you talking to
Cussing you out is what I oughta do
But then I'd look more desperate than I wanna portray
Though I'm nowhere near you, you're up in my face
So I distance myself to stop the pain
& like a girl, you acknowledge that I'm not the same
You right babe...it's kinda different
You was my ride or die, now the stand is missing
My ambitions & intentions were innocent
Everything I felt for you I channel through these sentences
What was once limitless is limited
Wish I didn't start it, but now I gotta finish it
Was it real love or infatuation?
The facts are scathing, agitating, but have to face em
Unfortunately what I gave you, can't get it back
Wish we never did that
I just want my friend back